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Car Accident #2011400BA0472

Bedford, Mon 12th Dec 2011 09:24

A600 Single carriageway Bedford

Police Force: Bedfordshire

Severity: Fatal

Accident Location

Easting: 505700, Northing: 248490

Longitude: -0.457424, Latitude: 52.124584

Accident Details

Accident Ref 2011400BA0472
Police Force Bedfordshire
Accident Severity Fatal
Number of Vehicle 1
Number of Casualties 1
Date/Time Mon 12th Dec 2011 09:24
Local Authority District Bedford
Local Authority Highway Bedford (E06000055)
Road A 600 (Single carriageway)
Speed Limit 30
Junction Not at junction or within 20 metres
Data missing or out of range
Pedestrian Crossing None within 50 metres
Central refuge
Light Conditions Daylight
Weather Conditions Fine no high winds
Road Surface Conditions Wet or damp
Special Conditions None
Carriageway Hazards None
Area Type Urban
Police Attended? Yes
LSOA of Accident Location E01017518

Vehicle Details

Vehicle #1

Vehicle Type Car
Engine Capacity (cc) 1998
Age of Vehicle (years) 13
Age Band of Driver 46 - 55
Driver Gender Male
Journey Purpose Not known
Towing/Articulation No tow/articulation
Vehicle Manoeuvre Going ahead other
Vehicle Location On main c'way - not in restricted lane
Junction Location Not at or within 20 metres of junction
Skidding/Overturning None
Hit Object in Carriageway None
Hit Object off Carriageway None
Vehicle Leaving Carriageway Did not leave carriageway
Point Of Impact Front
Was Vehicle Left Hand Drive? No
Propulsion Type Petrol

Casualty Details

Casualty #1 Vehicle #1

Casualty Class Pedestrian
Casualty Gender Female
Age Band Of Casualty Over 75
Casualty Severity Fatal
Casualty Type Pedestrian
Pedestrian Location In centre of carriageway - not on refuge, island or central reservation
Pedestrian Movement Crossing from driver's offside

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