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Car Accident #201120J500151

Dudley, Thu 29th Dec 2011 21:05

Unclassified Single carriageway Dudley

Police Force: West Midlands

Severity: Serious

Accident Location

Easting: 392890, Northing: 283190

Longitude: -2.106050, Latitude: 52.446594

Accident Details

Accident Ref 201120J500151
Police Force West Midlands
Accident Severity Serious
Number of Vehicle 1
Number of Casualties 1
Date/Time Thu 29th Dec 2011 21:05
Local Authority District Dudley
Local Authority Highway Dudley (E08000027)
Road Unclassified 0 (Single carriageway)
Speed Limit 30
Junction T or staggered junction
Give way or uncontrolled
Pedestrian Crossing None within 50 metres
No physical crossing facilities within 50 metres
Light Conditions Darkness - lights lit
Weather Conditions Fine + high winds
Road Surface Conditions Wet or damp
Special Conditions None
Carriageway Hazards None
Area Type Urban
Police Attended? Yes
LSOA of Accident Location E01009838

Vehicle Details

Casualty Details

Casualty #1 Vehicle #1

Casualty Class Pedestrian
Casualty Gender Male
Age Band Of Casualty 56 - 65
Casualty Severity Serious
Casualty Type Pedestrian
Pedestrian Location In carriageway, crossing elsewhere
Pedestrian Movement Crossing from driver's nearside

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